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Web Design

About The Course

Web design means creating websites with a user-friendly structure and with an aesthetic approach. Web designers always think about the layout, color scheme, and unique design of a website. But their task does not just end there. They also work hard to create a user-friendly navigation system. They also need to rank their websites and for that, they need to do some SEO tasks too. In short Web Designer can be denoted as a front-end designer or an experienced designer. A web designer needs to design such an interface that will be comfortable, attractive, and friendly to the visitors. But it also needs to be responsive that users can use it on different devices as per their choices. At MS-IT Institute, we will delegate our students with the modern and the most up-to-date techniques that will bring out their talents to be successful web designers.

Course Module                                         Software Taught

HTML,HTML5                                                                                     Adobe Photoshop CC Version
CSS,CSS3                                                                                            Notepad, Notepad
JavaScript                                                                                           Brackets
jQuery                                                                                                 Web Browsers
PSD To HTML                                                                                      Web Server
Bootstrap 4
CSS3 Animation Effect                                                                    Duration

WordPress Theme Customization (Basic)                                      Duration: 6 Months

Pixel Perfection Design                                                                 Total Class – 50

10 Projects Submission                                                                 (2 hours a Day, 3 Days in a Week)

International Coding Standard
Final Project

Marketplace                                                   Prerequisites

  Fiverr                                                                           Basic Knowledge on Using Computer
 ♠ Freelancer
 ♠♠ Themeforest
 ♠Adobe Photoshop CC Version
 ♠Notepad, Notepad++
 ♠Web Browsers
 ♠Web Server

Career Opportunity

Here is a list of possible job opportunities for the software developers, designers who will complete the course. After completing the course and handling all project works, it is possible for students to build one strong portfolio and can apply for jobs that are open for recruitment. It is possible both in local and international marketplaces. And our job placement cell will be there with all the supports, guidelines, and grooming sessions for students. Thus it will help them to get confidence and flourish in the digital arena. The opportunities are as follows-

 Web Designer
 Front End Developer
 Web UI Artist
 Web Animator

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